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About Page Speed Checker

What is a Page Speed Checker?


Dareboost gives an installation-free, single-click on the provider to test the speed of any given web page. More superior than a normal bot, our Real Browser Testing provider (primarily based totally on Google Chrome) permits you to run particularly configurable and sensible checks reproducing the precise identical situations as your real-lifestyle users.


How is it beneficial?


Some benefits of Page Speed Checker are:


  • Improve User Experience. The primary purpose to speed up a website is to enhance site visitors' experience. ...


  • Achieve advertising goals. Optimizing your web page to boost up the loading time will assist you to attain your advertising goals. ...


  • search engine optimization Positioning.


How to use it?


PageSpeed Insights is a free tool provided through Google that will help you examine your website's overall performance and notice hints on the way to make it better. It is arguably the most popular web page speed analysis tool out there, so it is worth your time.