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About Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile-friendly testing is a tool that helps you analyze your websites are mobile-friendly within the framework of search engine criteria. Our mobile-friendly tester works free and helps you see critical bugs and incompatibilities in your website. This way, it gives you an advantage in terms of mobile compatibility and site speed, which are the most important of Google SEO criteria.

What Is Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile friendly or mobile compatibility is the ability of websites to be integrated according to tablets,phones, and others devices. Mobile-friendly web designs can be easily used on mobile phones and tablets... You can easily find out if a website is mobile-friendly by using our mobile compatibility test. Well, let's see how mobile-friendly websites look under these headings;

  • Responsive Design
  • Pop-Up Menus
  • Readable Fonts
  • Auto-Sized Images
  • mobile-friendly test tool

What Is a Mobile-Friendly Test?

A mobile-friendly test is a test by which you can measure your websites are mobile-friendly or not. With this test, you can easily measure how mobile-friendly is your website .And then, you can more clearly manage how you will work on fixing your mobile compatibility . Having a mobile friendly website offers so much advantages such as:

Mobile-friendly websites work faster on mobile devices.
The mobile-structured ads you will apply on your mobile-friendly website will have chance to earn more advertising revenue.
Mobile-friendly sites are ranked higher by search engines such as Google and bing and yahoo because they meet the criteria.