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About Google Index Checker

What is a Google Index Checker?


The Google Index Checker is a free search engine optimization tool provided through Linkody to test if a web page or an internet site is indexed through Google. You can test up to ten URLs at a time. If a web page is not indexed, the device will test if the domain is indexed (i.e. different pages of the domain are indexed).


How is it beneficial?


The main benefit of Google's bulk indexing technique is that it enables you to benefit visibility on your website. You could be capable of viewing the index of all of the web websites which have been indexed by Google and could recognise precisely what everyone means. ... Check out the regulations that Google consists of inside the main index.


How to use it?


The purpose of a Google Index Checker Tool is to tell the customers approximately the Google Index Status of a submitted URL. Several webmasters use the Site Index Checker to test if Google indexed their web page or not. Numerous internet site proprietors and search engine optimization experts agree with this device through RankWatch.