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About Domain Age Checker

What is a Domain Age Checker?


Domain Age Checker is an online tool that lets you discover the accurate age of a domain or website, from the time it is registered until it's active. Domain age is taken into consideration as one of the very critical elements in website rating through seek engines.


How is it beneficial?


When you are studying a site, the area age metric is maximum beneficial as a manner to quickly determine a degree of capacity fine. If your area has been around for 10 years or more, you are probably going to discover a significant backlink profile and a few actual rating strengths at the back of great pages.


How to use it?


One of the excellent pieces of equipment to decide domain age is DupliChecker's Domain Age Checker. To use this efficient tool, simply put the URL withinside the textual content area and click on “Check Domain Age”. Immediately, you'll get the effects together with the date whilst the domain becomes first created in addition to the date while it becomes ultimately updated.