04/05/2022 12:00 AM by SEO Godfather in Seo

As a digital marketing newbie, making the most out of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest investments you can ever make. Because it can be truly rewarding. Looking to start? Here are two major types of SEO you can jump on.


This is also known as on-page optimization. It deals majorly with activities on your website. It refers to the process whereby content on your website is being optimized with your users in mind.

This type of SEO includes the following:

• Content optimization:

This is an act of improving your website content by associating it with the right keywords. This makes it easier for search engine crawlers (like "spiders" or "robots") to index your content, comprehending what your content and website are all about. When your website content is well optimized, search engine crawlers will be able to locate your site and bring it out on the result pages when a word related to your business is searched for.

• Keywords Research:

Keywords are words or phrases that internet users type into a search engine. Primarily to find any information, a product, and service. As a website owner, you must identify specific keywords which will be relevant and related to your business that you can use on your site which will effectively target your audience. The more strategically you place these keywords, the more visitors you will attract to your website.

• Headings or Header Tags:

Header tags are HTML components (H1-H6) used to structure a web page and its content. This helps search engine crawlers to know what your content is all about. Headings are a good way to visually classify the text. They enable people to quickly scan through the content before reading it. They can indirectly affect your rankings by making your content easier and more satisfying for visitors to read.



Also known as off-page optimization. It refers to activities carried out outside your website which improve your chances of ranking high on the search engine results pages (SERPs). It is estimated that off-page SEO techniques could make up more than 50% of Google's search engine ranking factors. When a good off-site optimization is in place, it sets a considerable difference between where you and your competitors show in SERPs. It is also very important when boosting the relevance, dependability, and domain authority (DA) of your website.

This type of SEO can be accomplished using external elements such as

• Link Building:

This is the process of acquiring a hyperlink (also known as a backlink) from another website to your website. This will largely boost the rate of traffic on your website and help build credible website authority. It signals to search engines that people liked your content. Links can be built through Natural Means. That is, bloggers find your website content helpful and link your website to their blog for reference purposes without paying them. And also through Self-Promotion. This is by paying an influencer to link back to your page or asking people to.


• Social Media Marketing:

Social media has become a very prominent part of people’s lives. This is why most online users are active on at least one social network. Social media is one of the trends you need to have in mind as an SEO beginner. It allows you to engage and interact with users. This way you introduce your website to them and also provide relevant information about your product and services.

The most outstanding social networks, at this moment, include:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter


• Guest Blogging:

This is the process whereby content is created to be republished on one or more third parties websites or blogs. Here, you collaborate with external websites where you want your content to be published. This method is used by many bloggers and website owners, primarily to organically increase and drive traffic.


Putting to practice the above types of SEO is important if you want to increase your website’s chances of being found in the search results. And a consistent use of it can help improve your rankings, traffic, and conversions.