04/06/2022 12:00 AM by SEO Godfather in Seo

Honestly, learning SEO basics is not that difficult. Although, you've got to put in more time to learn and make a conscious effort to master its nuances over time. Understanding SEO techniques will help you build a solid foundation for website optimization. And also have consistent success and growth in your organic traffic.

Digital marketers without prior knowledge of SEO techniques might have difficulties handling problems related to it. And it might be hard for them to recover from it. Nevertheless, don't be alarmed - I've gathered a few tips on how you can master SEO techniques as a newbie within a short time.

       ● Understand What Your Users Want

Understanding what your users want does two things for you. It helps to know the kind of audience to target. It also influences what kind of content, product, or services to display per time. This is particularly important for the entrepreneur who is an SEO newbie. When your business isn't meeting the needs of consumers, it becomes irrelevant to them. And you will hardly mark success this way. Therefore, embarking on thorough research on what your audience needs is a great start.

        ● Build a Mobile Responsive Website

After you've done your research on what your users want. The next phase is creating a website that attends to these needs. And it's not just about building a website, but a mobile-responsive one. Let me simplify it for you. When a website is responsive, the layout and content on the website respond or adapt to any screen size they are operated on. It must be pleasing to look at and navigate. The texts must also be legible both on laptops, smartphones, or tablets. You can't expect users to always carry their laptops around for them to access your website. They must be able to use their mobile phones to do whatever they want on your website without any problem. Implementing this will give your visitors the best experience ever and they would want to come back.

         ● Consistently Create Value

This is very important when it comes to ensuring long-term success, seeing that it has a direct impact on your business. To create value means to provide a solution to a user's problem. People surf the internet on a daily to get information that matches their needs. When you provide useful information, products, and services that your consumers consider worthy of their energy, time, and money, it can increase customers' confidence and trust in what your business offers. Customers whose needs are met are most likely to buy from you again. It increases business sales and encourages loyalty from customers as they share their positive experiences with others.

● Use Long-tail Keywords in SEO Page Titles.

Keywords are words or phrases related to what users search for on search engines. You might not be able to get the exact phrase or words to use. However, sites like AnswerThePublic.com give you an idea of what they need and how they are likely to use their words. This will place you in a better position to be seen by customers that require the services you render on your website.    

        ● Use SEO Audit On Your Website.

An SEO audit is a process of evaluating your website to see how well it is performing on search engines. SEO audits help you to create actionable plans to outperform your competitors. It also helps to recognize opportunities within your website including discovering and rectifying entry points. Ultimately, you build better customer experiences with SEO audits.

However, these audits must be done regularly. It opens you up to places where you can improve. That is, where website performance optimization is needed.    Regular assessments help to improve performance and keep site visitors happy.